I know writers, professional and aspiring, and I have said many times that I envy their ability to write. Recently, I’ve started looking into more ideas on writing, including GRR Martin’s podcast and Cory Doctorow’s Locus article. I’m starting to think of writing more seriously.

I dabble in writing. Occasionally I write something I’m proud of on the blog. I frequently fill in story gaps in WoW, but I only share that outside of the guild when I’m drunk. If given the chance to write, I have no idea what I would write. Furthermore, I lack the discipline required to sit down and write something.

Part of the blog (impending) redesign was to help me get focus. I am going to stop using certain categories, use more tags, drudge up a few old features and add a new one.

This means I need your help. I need questions for Ask a Bastard. If I don’t get your questions, I’ll either scour the internet for a good one or invent one and link them to random people on the blog roll. On Friday, I’m going to post some sort of writing. Initially I thought “Fiction Friday” but I have no idea what that would be. All I know is that I will write something between 1,024 characters and 700 words. The only requirement of said post will be that I worked on it during the week AND it is not just an edit.

Feel free to give me advice, encouragement or a reality check.

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  1. Raga keeps a great blog about writing as well.

    And you can train yourself to take time to write. I’ve gotten much better about finding the time.

    Now I am working on other things.

  2. Find/start a writing circle. When the work, they work really well to keep you focused. Problem is, it can be hard to get people to get a group of people to follow through on anything.

  3. I’m not ready for a writing circle yet. As of right now, I don’ t think I have a plot to really write. I just want to do something.

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