A few thoughs on November

I have surrounded myself with people who I consider artists.  Some of my friends, like Will, are multi-talented artists who can write, draw and design.  Others, like Shannon, Saraq, Lauren and Hill tend to focus on one craft more than others. Given that I have been writing fairly consistently for about three years now, I’m going to try this whole Nano thing with a few other friends.

I came to this conclusion when an old memory came back to me. This memory–the first question I was asked in my interview at my old job–screamed “that’s how you could write about your job.” Last night, at dinner with Shannon, I said, “Well, since most people think I work with monsters why I don’t I put the monsters there.”

Do I expect this to go anywhere? No. I really don’t. It is simply something I want to try.

During the dinner I just mentioned, I also realized that if I stay to to the setting, I would also have to write about very unsavory, but perfectly natural, teenage behaviors. Of course, at Dinner, I was significantly less composed about this realization.

For NaBloMo, I’ll post updates and snippets on my progress daily.

5 thoughts on “A few thoughs on November

  1. Thanks, Mart, though I don’t consider myself an artist. Don’t worry about the art of it — you can knock NaNo out of the park if you let some of that pressure off. You’re going to do great.

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