I take the test in fifteen minutes.  I’ve got homeopathic stress thingers from Shannon and I know about as much of this material as I can handle.  I wish I had something clever to share, but I don’t.

I’ll write up my anxieites later.  Now I’m going to get the highest score on the test ever.

Highest or the lowest score. Sweet Zombie Jesus, that test sucked.

7 thoughts on “Super-Visor!

  1. Let me guess, she’s introduced you to Rescue Remedy? I swear, she gets kickbacks from them….I’ve been hopped up (or dialed down as the case may be) on the RR for years thanks to Shannon.

  2. Homeopathics? As is Rescue Remedy? I think Shannon gets kickbacks from the RR people. She got me hooked on the juice years ago. Welcome to my sublime calm, herbally induced of course.

  3. Herbally induced sublime calm? I’m pretty sure that is illegal, young lady.

    Also, stop being such a histrionic little bitch, Marty. You know you passed with flying colors.

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