My Student ID Is

15260. I am registering for a Stat class in the Spring Term–every MSW program I want to go to requires a stat class within the last 5 years. So first step to getting into school is a stat class.

Actually, the first step would be to finish then rewrite of my apps…which I will start with after I finish my last intake report of the day.

6 thoughts on “My Student ID Is

  1. Actually, yeah, I have. When my dad died, about six public defenders told me I should go to law school, and they would, “keep his chair ready for me.”

    I’m not sold on the notion yet, but I will be taking a social work and the law class soon.

  2. I am taking a proofreading class that will eventually lead to an editing certificate. Might as well be a gold star, but whatevs.

    If I do well enough, I will treat myself to some German classes, if only to hit on all the ladies that come to my neighborhood for lunch from the German embassy.

  3. Chuckles, get a degree in technical writing. I have a friend who got his MS from Drexel in it. He works in pharma now making the big bucks.

    OG, I will be excited to hear more about the course. I took several public health and law courses and really enjoyed them. Now days it’s mainly law courses on how to not get sued by patients. Wah. Wah.

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