Life after the JSO Unit

My DCPO just left the office after saying that there will be a new supervisor’s exam offered in the next few months, and I’m being encouraged to take it to either go into MIS (our IT department), the Juvenile Advisory Council or the Detention Center. When the time comes, I’ll take the test, but I wonder what is going to happen.

The reason why I can work in this department is the support we show each other. Moving on to something new is going to be extremely difficult.

2 thoughts on “Life after the JSO Unit

  1. MIS sounds less stressful, in the child molestation/emotional rollercoaster sort of way. JAC sounds right down your alley – standing up for kids – but my guess is since the city of Chicago has its hands on it, it’s probably something very different.

    Avoid Detention, though. I remember what your last job did to you, and this sounds about…20x worse.

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