Darth Pope Speaks Update

Hey! Seems the Holy Father talked to five specially chosen victims of clergy sex abuse. THE SCANDAL IS OVER!

Give me a break. This does not even come close to addressing the issue. If the Pope wants to make a real difference, then he should, on behalf of the church, ask for forgiveness.

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3 thoughts on “Darth Pope Speaks Update

  1. No, not entirely. He addresses it to some degree, but does not take accountability for his, or John Paul’s, actions regarding the scandal (calling back bishops who hid hebephiles and pedophiles to the vatican). If Benedict really wants to do something, he needs to meet with victims groups.

  2. I’ll buy that. I’m not Catholic, and actually have a tremendous amount of respect for both John Paul II and Benedict XVI, but I’ll agree the Catholic Church could stand to do more. Personally I think there’s a few American cardinals and archbishops that need to be looking in the want ads after their roles in pedo-shuffling.

    In the end the ultimate responsibility is on the priests themselves. But there’s a lot of higher-ups in the Church over the past fifty years that sure did aid and abet.

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