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I’m going to be proposing to work on a project at the court. To prep myself for it, I did a quick bit of research, and stumbled upon this:


…further stated that the request before the committee is the approval of the Juvenile Temporary Detention Center rewiring. The current wiring cannot be used because the JEMS system requires category 5 wiring. The County Board previously approved the JEMS project at a cost of over $10 million. The category 5 will allow better connectivity to the desktop. The current system in place throughout Cook County has lower speed. The new generation of systems is more graphical and requires a higher speed and the speed determines the width of the wiring needed. Consequently, the County needs to enhance to category 5 that has a fiber backbone. She further stated that the County will be current for the next 20 years to accommodate not only the JEMS application but the imaging application for the Recorder of Deeds, and the GIS System approved for the Assessor’s Office, the proposed financial system currently being evaluated-all need a higher speed data line. She also pointed out that another good part of this is that the County will be able to put voice and data on the same wire.

I am familiar with JEMS. The newest generation is not graphical, it is simply suck-tastic. I can navigate Windows, a few *nix distros and Mac OS with ease–even the command line interfaces. JEMS confuses me. Requiring me to use a ~ at the beginning of a document because the application doesn’t recognize a space is mind boggling. This application ad its documentation is a joke. I can’t see how JEMS requires CAT 5, as it is still not graphic…

Anyway, the application itself was built using this package. Can someone more familiar with this end of the application give me a run down the quality of this development tool?

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