Things to do on a Plane

In no particular order:

• Compose lists

• Watch the movie that the people in the seat ahead of you are doing.

• Develop a short term crush on the impossibly beautiful girl sitting alone in the front row of the airplane.

• Blog, blog, blog

• Drink overpriced, beer-flavored water (url ML)

• Listen to the Decemberists, Ted Leo, Damien Rice and the Killers.

• Plot out your upcoming web-site.

• Chew Gum.

• Sleep.

• Read the in-flight magazine.

• Look at the crap they peddle in Sky Mall.

• Crossword puzzles.

• Sudoku.

• Create less flattering dialogue for the annoyingly cute couple sitting next to you.

• Read, read read

• Try to remember those “Work out at your office cubicle” exercises you scoffed at a few days before.

• See if any of the other lap-tops on the plane have their Peer to Peer WiFi network on

• Browse said person’s computer.

• Make empty promises to yourself about not visiting anyone next month.

• Make promises to start using your airline miles to visit friends in june.

• Realize that you are going to be doing this again in a week

• Avoid thinking about the date you’re really excited about next week. Work double hard at pretending that you are as cool and collected as you want to be when thinking about said person.

• Suck in your gut for minutes at a time.

• Break out future “Positive things” posts you want to write for your blogs.

• Try not to scoff at the idea of “positive things”

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