I have no good title

I never finished the posts on my dad. There is part of me that says that this is because i got too busy–but this is simply not true. Blogging is a matter of priorities and lately, blogging has been on the tail end of my priorities. I’ve been reading, writing and social.

As of right now, I’m traveling and watching Star Wars. Yes, Star Wars. Specifically, The Empire Strikes Back. Of all the movies, this one has always been my favorite. I seem to one remember one winter, a long time ago, pretending to be Luke, passing out in the snow. Tony was not pretending to be Han, and I sat outside for a while until my dad yelled at me to get back in the house.

Every time I travel, I end up thinking what I am going to do different when I get back. I think I stick with about half of what I set out to do. The “getting organized at work” and “getting out more” have been able to stick with.

Yup, I am rambling here.

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