Things I Do Not Like About Chicago

1) Weather

Seriously. We hit the high humid extremes and the deep freeze. I can only lie about the change of seasons being “refreshing” for so long.

2) Traffic Management Authority

To solve the pedestrian/commuter issue (ie: no one obeying their signals at intersections) we hire people to stand in busy intersections and direct traffic. About 10% of them do. Some talk on their phones. Others talk to pedestrians. The assholes bust people for “standing.” Honestly, do we need this?

3) Cable/Broadband

The cable/broadband companies have divided neighborhoods into fiefdoms. One Monopoly per area. I’d prefer Comcast–but no, I’m stuck with MDU, RCN or AT&T. So much for “Market Solutions.”

Over all, my dislike list is exceptionally short. I’ll throw up a “Like List” at my next break.