Friday Fiction: Grief

I think in July I’ll upgrade to allow for onsite storage, so I can (eventually) podcast. For now, I’m sticking with my Me.Com storage space.

This most recent Toastmaster speech was on grief, with a tribute to my mom and dad. The sound quality isn’t great–we’re still working on that–but this is my Friday Fiction.

I should have spent more than two hours working on this speech. It shows in the conclusion. If I ever redo it, I can dedicate at least another thirty seconds to it.

Friday Fiction: First Toastmasters Speech

Wednesday I presented my first speech at Toastmasters–the public speaking group. Today, I present it here. Please leave constructive criticism. I apologize for the sound quality: handheld USB recorders aren’t necessarily the most high tech of recording options.

I will probably upgrade the storage here so can actually podcast later… If, of course, I get enough feedback.