Friday Fiction: Grief

I think in July I’ll upgrade to allow for onsite storage, so I can (eventually) podcast. For now, I’m sticking with my Me.Com storage space.

This most recent Toastmaster speech was on grief, with a tribute to my mom and dad. The sound quality isn’t great–we’re still working on that–but this is my Friday Fiction.

I should have spent more than two hours working on this speech. It shows in the conclusion. If I ever redo it, I can dedicate at least another thirty seconds to it.

Friday is a day late too

My buddy Albert is the one who helps me get my Toastmaster speeches online. Without him, I wouldn’t be doing either Toastmasters or getting additional critiques.

Funny thing: I hate the sound of my recorded voice. It drives me nuts. Tomorrow I’ll hope to work up enough courage to critique my own speech. Until then, you can download to it here. For those keeping track, this is my “Organize your Speech” speech.

Friday Fiction: First Toastmasters Speech

Wednesday I presented my first speech at Toastmasters–the public speaking group. Today, I present it here. Please leave constructive criticism. I apologize for the sound quality: handheld USB recorders aren’t necessarily the most high tech of recording options.

I will probably upgrade the storage here so can actually podcast later… If, of course, I get enough feedback.