Funny Ha Ha?

Think Progress is reporting that at CPAC John “Creepy Mustachioed Man” Bolton, our former (recess appointed, never approved by congress) Ambassador to the UN made a quip about President Obama Learning about the threat that Iran poses when an American city, picked at random, “let’s say Chicago…” gets nuked.

And people still wonder why I’m mad as hell at the right wing?

People laughed and cheered at this. As if nuking my home town–which happens to be our President’s home town–is a FUN and Joyous thing to think about. That the death of Three Million Plus people is just what this country needs to “Fly Right.”

As if that isn’t’ bad enough, Keith Olberman reports that John didn’t even get Obama’s quote right. John says that our president called Iran a, “tiny threat.” The quote was, “a tiny nation.” Huge Difference. Obama has gone on the record time and time again stating he will engage Iran–hell I’ve criticized him for sounding far too gung ho about attacking Iran.

Why is this behavior tolerated by the right wing? Why are liberals called to condemn and distance themselves from the so called “fringe left” by republicans, but they do not do not follow the same demands?

Additionally, I’m supposed to resepct this person because he was an Ambassador? Sorry, I’ll give him the same respect all human beings should get. He hasn’t earned anything other than scorn and derision for being a complete ass-hat.

Prove Me Wrong

I found this as one of the top searches to my blog today: “obama is so pretentious.” I’ve also been privileged to read a few other blogs about how the Left/Liberals/Democrats are being hypocritical. That the Left has heaped scorn upon Bush and now expects “their guy” now “our guy” to be treated with respect. I’m not the spokesperson of the left, but I know I speak for more than myself when I say; Actually, we expect you to continue the same rhetoric.

With a few, and noted, exceptions we feel that the Right is going to come in swinging and slandering. Personally, I find that I am the converse of one of my most valued commenters: I cannot escape the Right Wing screaming crazies.

I’ve blogged about them before–and I’ve used a very big brush in describing people on the right before.

For the record, I think the past eight years should be evaluated and critiqued. If laws have been broken–and yes, a President can break the law–then the consequences should be doled out within the framework we have (ie: within the Constitution). I do not think that Bush & Co should have to endure a witch hunt, but it would be irresponsible to not evaluate the state of the nation. Furthermore, I think that those on the “left” that were complicit should also be held to account.

I think the Right’s complaints about how Bush & Co were treated has some merit and it can be (and should be) discussed. Should this discussion preclude working on the issues that the country faces as a whole? No.

There are elements in our nation, on the Left and on the Right, that will not work with an administration from the other side. This administration is no different. When the Sean Hannity’s, Michelle Malkin’s and Bill O’Reilly’s in this world consistently treat Obama with the same deference they gave Bush, I’ll have been proven wrong. Until then, I’ll be happy with the exceptions I’ve come to know and respect.

For Every Gracious Moose, There is a Culture Warrior….

Just when you thought the hope was infectious enough to reach all sorts of people, or individuals would be gracious in defeat, we find this garbage:

From First Draft, via Atlas Shrugs: President Fraud

For my own part I do not recognize Obama as my President, nor will I refer to him as such. He has no legal right to serve in office nor has he won a legal election. Nor do his cronies have any right to serve in any position they are appointed to.

We have a long journey through dark lands ahead of us. Let us hope to soon once again emerge into the light.

This was the least onerous part of the post. What was illegal about this election? Why doesn’t Obama have a “legal right” to serve? Unlike 2000, there were no legal challenges, no hanging chads to parse out. They’re discussing Voter Fraud, a problem as mythological as chupacabra. At least the goat-sucker leaves behind evidence.

I’m not sure exactly how one responds to these allegations. They are calling for war:

The battle against them must be twofold, first to limit the damage they can do while in power, and secondly to plan and prepare to retake Congress and then the White House in a coherent and orderly manner without the chaos and backbiting that has characterized the last year of this campaign. It will be all too easy to fall into the blame game and to let it devour us, too much of the conservative movement and the anti-jihad blogsphere is already fractured. The goal now must be to heal those fractures, to create unity around a single purpose, to liberate America again.

And while they speak of unity, they are addressing party unity, not the problems facing all of us. The attitudes behind these statements scare the hell out of me. It doesn’t matter if McCain calls for Unity. It does not matter if Obama opens his addresses with Christian Prayer, they have bought into the lies of the Right. In short, these individuals believe that the culture war is still worth fighting. We don’t need a war, we need discussion.

I would like to think that if Obama lost, I would be willing to swallow my pride and give McCain a chance to do his job and govern the country. While I haven’t had to swallow my pride, I have not been an asshole in victory. I don’t expect the “Culture Commando’s” to let up, listen to reason or work from a rational position. Their shrill cries will be an attempt to drown out the progress we are working to for all Americans. I, for one, am not willing to let it happen.

I’m not going to take their bent. I’m not going call their patriotism into question. I’m not going to insult their intelligence. I will question their judgment, their tactics, their beliefs and the attitudes behind their beliefs. If, on occasion, I slip up and use unkind words, I apologize. We have worked too hard and waited far too long for a CHANCE at fulfilling the promise that is America to let people who are so consumed with cynicism and hatred take it away from us.

There will not be a Second Republican Revolution. There will not be a return to Clinton Era Bickering. I refuse to allow the factually inaccurate rhetoric of the WingNut Right to dominate my political lexicon. I want a country where debate can occur without a devolution into name calling. I’m willing to fight for that cause.

There will be a fight for our values–one that we liberal’s didn’t start–and I’ll be damn sure I’ll be one of the individuals who will end it.