February Can Piss Off

Yeah, that’s right. The shittiest month of the year, February, is almost over. February is cold, snowy, drab and, of course, a tease. See, we get a number of days off in February. While that is fantastic over all, it also forces one to worker harder. To be “more productive.” Fuck productive, fuck productivity and fuck February. Its too drab and cold to be productive. This is the time of year when folks should just stay inside and wait for the crappy month to pass.

Instead, we’re forced to not only be more productive, but to get even more shit done. Two sets of audits. A midterm. Wedding planning. Okay, the midterm and the wedding are my choice, so I don’t have a lot of room to complain about them. But still, a short month and a lot of things to accomplish. The least it could do would be allow us some goddamn sunshine. But No. We don’t get sunshine till the end of the month. What a punk move.

As February end, I’m realizing how the lack of a group site AND the lack of motivation has 1) Thrown my routine out the window and 2) increased my coffee intake 300%. While I should be worried about my ever-increasing caffeine intake, I’m more worried about my routine. I am trying to learn two new skills: Writing and Coding. I cannot do either if I don’t DO them. Writers write. Programmers Code. So far, I’m a dabbler in both. I have far too much that I want to accomplish, so dabbling will not cut it.

I could lower my expectations, but I think that’s reserved for Republicans and their idea of how to fix healthcare. I know, its a cheap shot. At least I’m not making fun of them for tweeting while I blog (just a note: I can do public speaking engagements with or without notes. I prefer legal pads to the palm of my hand).

As February punks us out with the promise of warmth and sunshine, I’ve decided to come back to this blog swinging. I’m looking at a site redesign and a more regular series of posts. Granted, I still do a good chunk of my nerd blogging over at WTTRP but I plan on bringing more nerd to the original blog soon.

First up, tell me about your February. Was it a punk for you too?

Thrown for a Loop

I’m a big fan of plans. I like case plans, treatment plans, plans for the weekend, plans to hang out (online, at a bar, at a show). Hell, I make plans on the way home, “First I’ll do the dishes, then I’ll get some water. I’ll play/read/write till dinner…” etc, etc.

I had planned, this month, to write up on the war, health care and a few other things. At least, that was the plan. On Monday things changed dramatically. If I could write it all up, I would, but I value confidentiality more than I value a good blog post. Confidentiality is only one part of this equation. Respect for the others involved is the other.

While I have decided to stop beating myself up over this–as this particular change was not my fault–it is going to take some time before I’m back on my game. While I plan on getting back into the swing of things by reading up on the war, health care and Woody Gutherie, it maybe some time before I completely shake this funk.

A few thoughts…

I’m not sure all of these are accurate observations. They’re also coming to me as I watch Muppet Show Clips on YouTube.

1) Are the Red States the ones who take most of the federal dollars?

2) Why does it seem that the states that are dominated by Republican leaders, the ones that whine about intrusive governments, are the same ones with Blue Laws?

3) Why are republicans screaming about the “fair use doctrine” but have no issue about gutting NPR?