Funny Ha Ha?

Think Progress is reporting that at CPAC John “Creepy Mustachioed Man” Bolton, our former (recess appointed, never approved by congress) Ambassador to the UN made a quip about President Obama Learning about the threat that Iran poses when an American city, picked at random, “let’s say Chicago…” gets nuked.

And people still wonder why I’m mad as hell at the right wing?

People laughed and cheered at this. As if nuking my home town–which happens to be our President’s home town–is a FUN and Joyous thing to think about. That the death of Three Million Plus people is just what this country needs to “Fly Right.”

As if that isn’t’ bad enough, Keith Olberman reports that John didn’t even get Obama’s quote right. John says that our president called Iran a, “tiny threat.” The quote was, “a tiny nation.” Huge Difference. Obama has gone on the record time and time again stating he will engage Iran–hell I’ve criticized him for sounding far too gung ho about attacking Iran.

Why is this behavior tolerated by the right wing? Why are liberals called to condemn and distance themselves from the so called “fringe left” by republicans, but they do not do not follow the same demands?

Additionally, I’m supposed to resepct this person because he was an Ambassador? Sorry, I’ll give him the same respect all human beings should get. He hasn’t earned anything other than scorn and derision for being a complete ass-hat.

A few thoughts…

I’m not sure all of these are accurate observations. They’re also coming to me as I watch Muppet Show Clips on YouTube.

1) Are the Red States the ones who take most of the federal dollars?

2) Why does it seem that the states that are dominated by Republican leaders, the ones that whine about intrusive governments, are the same ones with Blue Laws?

3) Why are republicans screaming about the “fair use doctrine” but have no issue about gutting NPR?

Grand Obstructionist Party

via CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive – RNC gives verdict of first month: Disappointing « – Blogs from

[i]The RNC specifically faults the new president for failing to garner a significant amount of GOP votes for his massive stimulus plan, despite pledges of bipartisanship during the presidential campaign.[/i]

It takes two to be bipartisan, doesn’t it?  We will not get to any collaboration until we get away from the Goldwater/Grinich/Limbaugh belief system.

Not enough time? Ask for a Continuance

Via New Administration Backs Bush Secrecy Policy : NPR.

Many senior Obama nominees for national security positions have not yet been confirmed. Robert Raben, a former U.S. assistant attorney general during the Clinton administration, believes the administration’s position on state secrets may evolve once those people arrive. “I just don’t think there’s been enough time,” Raben said. “I don’t think every computer has been turned on in the executive branch, I don’t think every seat has been warmed by the smarties that will sit down and figure out what the policy will be.

“I think people need to stay calm,” said Raben.

In legal terms, when one is not yet ready or there is not enough time to file, one asks for a CONTINUANCE.

I do not think people should over react, but neither do I think that liberals should take this one lying down either.  Grass roots Elected our president.  Grass roots have to hold him accountable for being stupid.

Politics Before Group

So I’ve been listening to the discussion of the stimulus package, on “Obama’s Mistakes,” and the Right Wing call for “Bipartisanship,” and I feel the need to point out that under the last eight years, bipartisanship was a Republican euphemism was “take it up the ass, liberal.” Furthermore, Supply Side Economics, a lack of supervision and oversight, blind loyalty (ie Loyal Bushie), faulty intelligence, half truths and a complete disregard for actual discourse got us to the giant mess we are in the first place.

Funny how they want to talk about things now.

What happened to debate?

I wanted to do something flashier for my 500 post, but I didn’t have any flash availalbe.  Instead, I’ve had the radio on the brain.  Specifically NPR.

On my way into the office this morning, I heard Rep. Boehner’s interview with Steve Inskeep.  This part caught my eye:

via Boehner: GOP Must Offer ‘Better Solutions’ In 2009 : NPR.

“We’ve never gotten into the debate and the discussion about the consequences of trying to deal with it, and how expensive it will be and the changes it will make to our society,” Boehner said. “And the fact that if we don’t have our industrial partners around the world engage with us, what does that mean in terms of job loss in the U.S.?”

He also was upset about the $400 million to NASA to study Global Warming:

“Remember, the goal of the stimulus package is to preserve jobs and help create new jobs in America,” Boehner said. “And I don’t know how giving NASA $400 million to study global warming is going to meet the goals.”

Mr. Boehner, I’m here to help you.

First, a little context.  First, we haven’t had the debate about Global Climate Change because the science was squelched over the past eight years.

This report presents the findings of the Committee’s investigation. The evidence before the Committee leads to one inescapable conclusion: the Bush Administration has engaged in a systematic effort to manipulate climate change science and mislead policymakers and the public about the dangers of global warming.

This explains why we need to spend more money on research.  We do need information from a source less biased than the American Petroleum Institute.  Then, armed with this newer research, the nation can use the stimulus package to lay the foundation for a more sustainable future.  You know, green jobs, green services–21 century stuff, not industrial revolution stuff.

As for debate itself, I think you are presenting the issue in a rather lopsided fashion.  You question presupposes two things:   That to do any work on this issue will hamper growth of the economy and that the economy is more important than the environment.  To the latter, I have to whole heartedly disagree.  Granted, if climate change is as dangerous as I believe it is, Business and Industry will make a killing on the technology they will develop that will be necessary to maintain our standard of living–but what kind of living would that be?  As to the former, history has been pretty clear that the development and implementation of new technology is an engine of economic growth.  Of course, when this occurs the old guard is typically set aside.  In this case, the Old Guard had very powerful allies in Congress and the White House.  These very same forces played a tremendous role in the early days of the Bush administration, when Cheney held closed door sessions to create our energy policy.

However, this is a new administration.  While I applaud the idea for debate,  I honestly think it is at least twelve years too late (astute readers will do the math and realize I’m critizing Clinton as well), but at least by calling for debate you are recognizing that this is an issue that should be looked at.  A debate, with properly funded studies, conducted by scientists not hampered by politics, would be beneficial to the nation.  A debate used to stall implementation of policies that would have a negative impact on Big Oil and Coal, however, is not a debate.  That, Mr. Boehner, is bullshit.  Let’s keep the bullshit out of the debate–as methane, a product of bullshit, is pretty bad for the environment.


I am two steps removed from Rod Blagojevich. My cousin, Jack, was playing basketball at DePaul when Rod was running laps. In typical Murphy fashion, Jack approached the govenor, introduced himself then called him to account for cutting funding for the Golden Apple Scholarship Program. According to Jack, the Governor was, “polite but he didn’t answer my question directly.”

I’ve not been a fan of the Governor in quite some time. He vetoed a measure that would have helped my clients, plays politics with key issues and blames the legislature for all of the State’s woes. There are rumblings from his office that’ll resign tomorrow. That would be, by far, the best thing he could do for everyone.