Best Present Ever

In 2003 I received the best christmas present ever: My first iPod. It was the first Christmas without my dad, and my mom did everything she could to do make Tony and I happy. Even though this iPod is ancient by Tech Standards, I still have it. I use it to back up my music, just in case of terribad failures.

On Christmas Eve, I received something even better–thanks to my cousins Michael and Jack. They made the family come down and watch old home movies. While a significant chunk of these movies focused on their early-teens antics, they did showcase my late parents and grandfather. This was before they were sick. Before my dad lost his voice to chemo. Before my grandfather stopped talking.

The best part: Shannon got to hear my dad make up a story on the spot, she heard my grandfather crack jokes and watch as he hide his drinking from the family AND she heard my mom care for my cousins. A true and accurate snap shot of the family I miss.

Keep your iPods, iPhones and computers. I got to hear my mom and dad again. You can’t beat that.