Last night I had one pervasive thought: I’m not going to live long enough to do everything I want to. I would be okay with this if I had a plan to do most of what I wanted to do. Actually, I’d be okay with this if I knew what I wanted to do.

There are far too many books that I want to read today, I can’t imagine what will be published over the next 30 years. There are places to go, bands to see, friends to visit. This says nothing about the professional goals I have: becoming a better clinician, changing careers, writing software…

I have no real plan to address these goals. I am just working to reach these goals. I’m not opposed to plans…but how do I craft an entire lifeplan?

Tin Whistle!

A new Goal for 2009, learn this:

via Tin Whistle Buyer’s Guide and FAQ

The whistle can be used to play haunting slow airs or the most complex up-tempo jigs, reels, hornpipes and other dance tunes. You will find many people who have heard and loved Irish Music and didn’t realize it was the little whistle often creating those beautiful sounds. The Tinwhistle is often heard in pop, rock, and modern music too

Other Goals for 2009:

Run for Congress

Get a FOID card

Get a Motorcycle License