Bake Off Bitches!

via {we are excited to eat your contributions!} | The Republic of Dogs

Man your ovens, liberal wretches! The war on Christmas ain’t gonna fight itself!

The rules:

* Each contestant may enter up to three items.

* Cookies or bars only!

* No cookies can contain any nuts! (Please be stringent about this, one of the judges has an allergy. Nut allergy = anaphylactic shock.)

The deadline: Submissions must be received by December 19th. Submissions received after December 19th will be eaten and publically mocked.

The Judges:

* Claire

* Shannon

* Von

* Marty

The Prizes: reputed to be fabulous beyond your wildest imaginings! But will probably turn out to be a Target gift card or some half-price crap from Barack Obama’s online gift shop.

If you want to enter, shoot me an email at kwbaker at gmail dot com, and I’ll provide you with the mailing addresses for the judges. Oh, and you only have to mail two packages, since Shannon, Von and Marty are all in once place.

Okay, here’s the deal: if you read this blog, even in passing, you are qualified to enter the Great Bake Off of 2008. This means that you, you, you, you and you and your spouses are morally obligated to participate. the moral obligations include AG and Seth.

The prizes will be fabulous. They will be amazing. They will be cooler than an igloo.

There was a time where bribes were encouraged and accepted. For me, this is no longer the case. If I want to seriously do the whole political office thing, I am going to pull a Nancy Regan and just say no to bribes….