At least I have coffee

My clients are late, their phone is disconnected and I’m in markham. I do not have access to the usual “eval writing distractions” that are necessay to blowing off steam (Twitter, gtalk, music).

Oh well. I still have my coffee.

Motivation Drinks

Forget Redbull or Monster. My personal motivation drink is Coffee. Keep your soda’s and softdrinks. Forget your teas and herbal infusions. Give me coffee.

There is a problem with this particular vice: My office mates like different kinds of coffee. Most prefer weaker brands. I prefer a strong cup of coffee. We also have a problem with our water in this building–it tastes bad. Even our coffee has a metallic taste.

Our solution is to get a water filter and a bigger fridge. Till then, I am going to be stuck with substandard motivation.