South Side Irish

I have always maintained that my dad was right-off-the-boat Irish, by way of the South Side of Chicago. Despite his love of all things Irish, he never took us to either parade. He despised the north side parade and I think going to the south side was just too busy to get to.

This is where I’m going to be all day. It is supposed to the second largest st pats parade in the world.

And My Vote Goes To

Charles Wheelan

I’m currently reading his book “Naked Economics,” and I think Illinois 5th Congressional District needs to be represented by a media savvy outsider who has his head on straight regarding Education.

I wanted to vote for the Green Party candidates…  But not a single one articulated their points effectively.  Furthermore, when running for office, having someone spell AND grammar check your blog is necessary.

If Mike Quigley wins the primary, I’m pretty sure his Chief of Staff is someone I went to college with.  That’ll be a hoot.

Winter is Here

I still prefer Winter is Coming. Chicago is supposed to see single digit temperatures today with a Blizzard warning tomorrow. The worst part is not going to be the temperatures. The worst part is the road. Chicago’s streets are full of potholes. Given the Mayor’s statements of, “We won’t see as many plows as we did last year,” does not inspire confidence in how the city will respond to the snow.

This lack of confidence is not why I’m dilly-dallying this morning. I’m not busting my hump because it looks really fucking cold outside.