The Next Artspace Artist • What Remains 5’ wide x 4’ tall x 1” deep; 35,000+…

The Next Artspace Artist • What Remains 5’ wide x 4’ tall x 1” deep; 35,000+….


Kevin Champeny is a friend, and fantastic artist, who lives and works in New York City. We met in college, an I have blogged about him, his work (and his pranks) before.  Currently, he is in a contest that will help expose his talent to the rest of the country AND via social media.

Kevin is busy and brilliant, but he still makes time for the people he cares for.  Please, so this dude some love.

Sunday Plug

As Shannon and I pack and clean to stage the condo, I ran across Ouija Interview no 3:  Naomi.  Sarah Becan, whose website  c o m i c s is beautifully designed, is a fellow Beloiter, writer on Metroblogging Chicago and comic artist.  She has a number of her comics up for sale–the Ouija Interviews are fantastic–so I whole heartedly suggest you go and persue her site.

Breezy Cheese

Yesterday, ATC had a story about “The smells of your Alma Mater“. I should send them an email; however, this also makes a fantastic blog post. Thanks NPR!

My college, Beloit, is beautiful. We have plenty of green space, wonderfully tended trees and a view of the Rock River. Depending on the view, it’s either beautiful or disgusting, but the river is there. In the fall, one could stand inbetween the ’64 Dorms and see an amazing display of Fall Color. We also have Indian Burial Mounds, gorgeous brick buildings and a poetry garden. Oh, and a gazebo.


All in all, the campus is beautiful. It smells terrible.

The Hormel Chili Factory is downwind from the campus.

The smell is nauseating. It’s a combination of meat, beans and cheese. Cheap, processed and nearly spoiled cheese. I don’t need to buy an Eau de Beloit. I can simply smear Hormel chili behind my ears. While I miss Beloit, and my college friends, terribly, I will not refresh my memories by inhaling Hormel Chili. Some memories are better left in the can.