Values, Morals and Get The Fuck Away From Me.


Over the past few months, I have given a lot of thought to what I believe in and how I live my life. A number of individuals on the Right–the loud mouthed bastards that have co-opted and perverted conservative values–have deemed that I have no morals and it is people like me who ruin the country. For evidence, turn on Fox News or Talk Radio, and listen to hear some some over paid, poorly educated mouth piece rail on unions, liberals, “college students” and so on. I am not interested (today) on who says what and who started this fight. I’m more interested in say the following:

My values and beliefs are not so different than yours.

I believe in making the world fair for everyone. I believe in my family. I want the government out of my bedroom. I want the government to keep me safe from corporate interests. I appreciate the sacrifice of the troops, the dedication of teachers, the enlightenment brought on by artists and I admire the work ethic of my fellow Americans. I want unbiased, factual reporting of the news.

My pay has been stagnant for three years, and this year, I’m taking hits on my health insurance, my pay and my personal time. This puts me squarely with the majority of this country: Left behind in the “recovery.”

This has been, and will be, the position from which I argue every belief, value and moral I hold dear. For the most part, I believe a number of people on the Right share some form of these values. Their meaning, priority and execution are completely different than mine; however, this is the position I start and–until proven otherwise–I assume the Right has as well. They say the believe it all the time, so I try and take it at face value.

If I can start from this position, I think just about anyone can. If you can’t meet me half way, get the fuck away from me.