Plans for the year

First and foremost, if you read Shannon’s Blog, you maybe asking, is she okay? She is. Shannon moved in a few months earlier than we planned–it was going to take that long just to clear out the shit I had–but this is something we’ve talked about and I am comfortable with. I’m not just comfortable, in fact I think this is a fantastic idea, but this is a big change and, of course, there are some reservations. For their part, the reservations seem to dissipate a little more everyday.

Shannon’s moving in has made this year’s goal even more important. This plan is To Make Money. I have a lot of plans before the end of the decade, and they all require money. While I will be getting a major promotion at work soon, I need to supplement my income. I will be using this blog as part of it.

Towards that end, here are some of the ideas:

1) Get back to the Nerdslut dating guide
2) A site redesign to allow for more ad-space
3) Exploit my fellow nerds

The problem with #3 is that I have to begin to address my nerd-dom. This is more difficult than it sounds. While I did flaunt my nerd-cred a few months ago, I did so only to flirt with a certain someone. I didn’t go into detail as there are some things I’d prefer to keep secret. Now that said certain someone knows all of it (even if I refuse to acknowledge it or go into detail), I don’t really see a point in keeping it a secret.

Now I must return to earning my regular money.

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8 thoughts on “Plans for the year

  1. I find it an amusing thought that this internet conversation between the two of you might be occurring while you’re in the same room. 😛

    Congrats on the move!

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