What Today Brings

Chief Mamma Grizzly isn’t a monarch-maker, and I have no idea how well Senator DeMint cronies held out. I do know I would trade Harry Reid for Russ Feingold every day of the week, and twice on days where we need a real progressive politician.

I have no idea what yesterday’s election means. Does it mean that America is full of Tea-Party Contributors (unlikely)? Does it mean Americans are pissed off that things are changing fast enough (probably)? Does it mean that Americans reject a progressive agenda–hell no.

To determine whether or not we have turned away from Progressive and Liberal ideas, we would have to have Progressive Candidates. Contrary to the Tea Party and RNC’s beliefs, President Obama is not that left leaning. He is a moderate Democrat. The pendulum has swung so far to the right that Arlen Spector was considered a Moderate and Obama is considered a liberal.

I am faced with the idea that many Americans have rejected moderate liberalism. Then again, two years ago Americans rejected “Compassionate Conservatism.” Instead of reject political ideologies, I think Americans are freaking out over a broken economy. The next few weeks will be a more clear indication of the country’s political beliefs.

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