Too Much to Do

I have a few dozen blog posts that I want to work on, a condo to clean and a cookie recipe to find. This is in addition to the supervisor’s exam I need to study for, books I want to read, people I want to visit and the 6 hours of sleep I apparently need to be productive. I simply do not have the time to do it all.

I’m not complaining (for once). I am simply amazed that I am so busy and still having a good time. Let me rephrase that: I am having a lovely time.

Shannon neglected to mention a key aspect of our trip to Chinatown. While she did buy surprise boxes (I got a nice little purse which will totally be regifted) she also tried on a hat. I took a picture before she could get the hat off.

Said picture is after the jump.

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She’s the reason I’ve had a string of fantastic weekends. I could say a whole lot more, but I try to avoid those types of uppity blog posts. I’m pretty sure if I started on here, I wouldn’t be able to stop gushing. That just isn’t me.

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