Three Lakes, WI

Three Lakes, WI

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If I take a person to Three Lakes, it is easy to see why I find the place so special. Pictures, as beautiful as they are, do not capture the wonder of the place. Our little cabin (divided among three families) was the setting for my mom’s “Positive Thinking Cancer Treatment Tape.”

If there is a Heaven, then for my mom, it was Three Lakes.

I do not invite people to Three Lakes. It’s my place. I do not mean to sound elitist about it; however, how many people would you invite to your secret happy place?*

I will summarize the trip thusly: The Yaqi gods of Wisdom, ancient beings summoned with the power of Tequila and music, blessed our trip. The best part of the trip was the boat trips. Despite me flashing an old lady on another pontoon boat (honestly, she turned around just as I started peeing) the trip was incredible. Our old boat was clunky and smelly. The new one was clean and smooth, with a hell of a sound system to boot. WE tooled around the chain of lakes, dodged most of the bad weather, and raided smaller boats for maids and booty.

Well, not so much the last point, but I did feel like a pirate captain.

14 thoughts on “Three Lakes, WI

  1. Thanks man.

    Looks absolutely beautiful up there. I can see why it’s your special place, with all the great memories. And it looks like you added a bunch more…well, except for that old lady you traumatized.

  2. It’s only the most awesome place ever! I would go back tomorrow if I could. I totally think we need to dress as pirates next time, on the boat. Yaarrrrr.

  3. If we dress as pirates, we need a few things:

    Pirate hats. Preferably with feathers.
    Other boats to conquer.
    A plank to make the conquered walk.

  4. I totally flashed everyone. On the night hike. TOo bad, so sad, no flashlights, just darkness.
    Lauren – I have no problem with any of that, ‘specially the rum part.

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