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I’ve been thinking about this post for a long time. Originally, I had thought to write about tolerance, politics, education and public service. I wanted to call out individuals that I felt were aggressive, ignorant and completely dishonest.

I’m not entirely sure that would be beneficial these days.

There is one point that needs to be clearly and succinctly made: Anyone who says that “Liberals never blame the criminal,” is purposefully and willfully distorting the truth.

As a liberal who works in criminal justice–a public servant–the number one concern we have is how our clients take responsibility for their actions. Juveniles who do not take their offenses seriously, who do not own up to their actions, do not make it through the system. To say that we “always blame everyone but the offender” is utter bullshit.

Crime and violence do not occur in a vacuum. To assert that they do is to show complete and total ignorance on criminal behavior. Attitudes and behaviors are inextricably linked, and until individuals can begin to comprehend this not-so-subtle fact, I’m not so sure any discussion can be had.

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  1. While I agree that blaming liberals for this is unwise and counterproductive, I do believe that blaming anything or anyone other than the one who perpetuated the crime is equally counterproductive. No, crime and violence do not occur in a vacuum. But to remove the liberties of millions of good people because of the actions of a single madman? That doesn’t make sense to me and goes against everything this country was founded upon.

  2. Gun Rights vs Gun Control is a debate topic for a different post. This topic is about attitudes and behaviors, and the inability for some people to see how the two are linked. When I have the chance to plot out my thoughts on guns, I’ll open up that can of worms.

    Blaming liberals, or asserting that liberals do not hold criminals accountable for their actions is, at best, willful ignorance.

  3. Not debating that point, my friend.

    As for gun control, that’s not simply the issue I bring up. The same point could be made for those who listen to heavy metal and those who blame it for a child killing 13 classmates during 5th period Chem class. Or the D&D player who claims Gandalf forced him to sacrifice the neighbor’s dogs for Satan. Blaming what they do during their non-killing hours is mostly a moot point (there might be some credence to certain activities, I’ll grant). Catching the bastards and putting them behind bars or injecting them with Very Bad Stuff should be more of a priority.

  4. I see where you’re coming from; however, I am really aware of how quickly we can go from attitudes to guns.

    Holding people accountable for their choices might be something everyone can agree on. But we also need to understand the context in which the events happen.

    Personally, I’d blame 2nd edition rules for the murder more than gandalf. THAC0 is some awful shit.

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