The picture and the text are barely related

The Luchador will smite you for your hubris

Funny thing about the most recent election: The Progressive Caucus survived. The Blue Dogs didn’t. Blue Dogs are Democrats in Name Only, folks who are more than willing to pull the part to the RIGHT in order to compromise with the Republicans. Some would argue that BlueDogs were moderate, and i would agree with that idea: Blue Dogs are Moderate Republicans. Where are they now?

Probably working for a lobbying firm off of K street.

The spin from this election has been, “The American People have spoken and they want change.” It is more likely that the American People have Spoken, and they are scared. The Republicans had a very simple answer with a clear scapegoat.

The Dems? I cannot even begin to tell you what our message was, and I’m fairly well informed.

One thought on “The picture and the text are barely related

  1. The message had something to do with a car in a ditch and some keyrings. Wasn’t really a message,so much as an analogy crossbred with a gimmick.

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