The Change You Deserve

That’s the republican’s new slogan. The Change. You. Deserve.

First of all, the party that was in the majority until 2006, who rubber stamped all of Bush’s mandates and rejected their constitutional duty of oversight, have no business claiming the mandate of change. They are hopping on the Dem’s bandwagon with their slogan.

I think if their slogan was, “We’re Sorry We Fucked Up” I would start to take their position seriously.

15 thoughts on “The Change You Deserve

  1. First of all, the party that was in the majority until 2006, who rubber stamped all of Bush’s requests without any degree of oversight have no business claiming change.

    This is a pretty awful sentence, Marty.

  2. Jack-

    I love you with all my heart. I helped raise you, gave you your first Coke and provided you with a great deal of direction. However, if you say something is horrible without being more constructive again, I’m going to post all your naked baby pictures.

  3. Okay well, when you begin a sentence with “first of all”, it usually indicates you will be giving more than one example.

    Also, the “party” as a whole (singular) HAS no business claiming change.

    I hope this feedback will prove helpful as you continue your blogging career.

  4. The only change I personally want to see the Republican Party make is to go back to the move conservative principles that won and worked in the 1980s.

    I’m disgusted with them, but from the opposite side of everybody else here–I’m disgusted with them because they’ve abandoned the fiscal conservatism that they promised in the “Contract with America” in 1994. They got up to Washington, and got corrupted by the power and the culture, and instead of cutting taxes AND spending AND the size of the government, they cut taxes but kept spending like drunken sailors (apologies to any drunken sailors out there) and grew immense new bureaucracies. So now we’ve rung up trillions of dollars of extra debt–thanks, W!–added yet more flab to the government leviathan, yet more stupid laws and stupid regulations, and the result is less personal freedom.

    I need to do a little research on Bob Barr. I’m about thisclose to telling John McCain to go get bent and voting Libertarian. Because honestly, I’m starting to think the only way to knock some sense into the heads of those idiot insulated Republicans in Washington is for them to experience an electoral disaster of Old Testament proportions. Maybe then, standing amid the wreckage with a President Obama with near veto-proof majorities in both houses, they’ll start to figure out that when you’re allegedly the party on the right, running to the left DOES. NOT. WORK.

    “We’re Sorry We Fucked Up.” Perfect slogan, Marty, even if we agree on it for totally opposite reasons.

  5. Don’t forget it’s also the slogan of an antidepressant put out by a major pharmaceutical company.

    There’s like eight hundred different little ironies here, and they’re all SO DELICIOUS.

  6. Not to poke holes in your argument, but not everyone else here is a liberal. I’m a fiscal conservative.

    But, unlike you, I don’t think that Obama is a disaster.

    What I do think is that the republican party has completely lost their way. They are no longer the party of accountability, but that happened long before W became president.

    But, I am also disappointed in the Libertarians (my party, btw). Bob Barr is not what the Libertarians need to make a real impact. He’s old school Libertarian and, honestly, old school Libertarism is an unrealistic view of how things work. Libertarians need to pull their heads out of their asses and understand better how the world works.

    I’ve supported the Libertarian candidate Michael Jingozian. His company is just upstairs from me. That’s a Libertarian who knows what really needs to be done.

    But.. McCain is a good start for the Republicans. If only because he’s not a social conservative. Because Social conservatism is what got us into this mess in the first place.

  7. One could also argue that.
    1) McCain is not really offering anything -that- different from what Bush has done. That is, in the cases he actually bothers saying what he is offering (see: Health Care, also “I don’t really understand Economy”).
    2) McCain sees himself as a tells-it-like-I-sees-it rough fellow (which is BS, but whatever), so he’s supposed to actually mean it.

    Thus one could arrive at the conclusion that they believe the country deserves little to no change. They just like to say it in a way that sounds better than the message itself.

    What I really think is that they just put out a phrase according to whatever focus group tests wanted to hear, etc. It’s not like the Republican Party has used blatantly misleading branding before for their initiatives in recent times, of course.

  8. McCain is also supposed to understand that torture is bad, since it happened to him.

    At the same time, he supported a bill that would basically allow torture.

    The things I like about McCain is that he is not whitewashed, but he is a politician. He’s been one for a while. He has also not been known for toting the party line. He can and has worked at cross ends of what the party has wanted.

    But, in the end, I think he sold his soul to the party after W won the nomination the first time.

    I do not trust him.

  9. OK, ALMOST everybody else here, Deb. Sorry. Don’t light me on fire, k? k.

    Social conservatism isn’t enough to win elections by itself, and I say this as somebody who’s pretty much a social conservative. You can’t just be a social conservative and have no fiscal discipline or sense of federalism, or else you’re, well, Mike Huckabee. Or worse. I’d rather have a Republican party that took a federalist/libertarian “let the states handle it” stance on things like abortion and gay marriage, but wanted to slash government waste and entitlement spending and dismantle a few Cabinet departments, than the socially-conservative but pork-laden GOP I’ve got now. Like you said, they lost their way.

  10. I always thought “Do Over” would be a good slogan for W’s second run. Now I think it’s a better platform from the Republican Party in general.

  11. Honestly, the only difference between the democrats and the repubs I have seen lately is what side of the social line they are on.

    That doesn’t interest me.

    But, honestly, I think Obama is probably the best choice out there. Do I think he’s not going to try and spend money. Nah.

    I do think that he doesn’t have his head as far up his ass as the other two do, though.

    And hell, he listened to his advisors when they told him the gas tax holiday was stupid. And he’s willing to talk about things.

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