Test: Cross Post from the Old Blog

I am not fond of to-lists (hereafter referred to as Lists). Every time I make one I am compelled to go into obsessive detail about each and every item. Given the number of details, each objective becomes more difficult to attain. In about five objectives, i am overwhelmed and i give up on the list. For example, in this post, I am giving up on punctuation and proper capitalization.

I am doing this becasue I am old and tired. Old, tired and thinking about making a new list. This list, unlike most of my lists, would be public. It will also be manageable.

Part of this list will include kicking Chuck in the nuts. Don’t get me wrong, I like Chuck a lot, but reminding me to blog in the comments has earned him a nut-kicking.

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The answer, if you read the old post, is yes. I fixed ecto by doing nothing. I am brilliant today.

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