So Many Ideas

Last night, I went to bed thinking, “this is the greatest idea I’ve had all week!” Instead of writing it down, I did my best to channel the Great Brain and think about it to “flush it out completely.” When I woke up this morning, my brilliant idea was replaced with this:

I’m not really okay with this. I know my brain bounces around between topics quickly, but to jump to Paula Cole? I don’t understand it. I don’t hate her. I just don’t particularly care for her. I wonder if it has anything to do with Shannon, as she has a thing for Cowboys (and she tends to buy me Western style shirts). I don’t know where the cowboys, or my ideas, have gone. Maybe they’re at the same place. Chilling out, annoying both me and Paula.

Fact is, I should realize that I should have a note pad by my bed to write things down. However, there is a reason that I type out my phone logs and contacts: My handwriting is horrible. In elementary school, I had to take handwriting class twice. TWICE. The specialist looked at me and said, “there is nothing I can really do for you.” I told her, “its fine. I have a computer at home with Microsoft Word. I’ll take typing classes.” I am not keeping a ThinkPad™ by my bed. No, the iPhone goes to its cradle every night, so I’m not using that either. I would hope that I could write something and then be able to understand it enough to transcribe it in the morning. I know myself though. I’d probably pack it in my bag thinking, “I can do it at work.” Three weeks later, when I rediscover the notepad, the ogham like scratching will be undecipherable.

Since I don’t have a good idea of my own to share, I’m taking some advice from Seth. I’m linking a test. Check to see how you would do on a civics test. Post your results when you’re done. To be fair, I think he wants me to do it because, I think, he scored 100% on the damn thing. I scored an 84.85%.

Tomorrow, I hope for less Paula Cole, more Marty-Based Awesome.

6 thoughts on “So Many Ideas

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  2. 87.88%

    A few of those questions are written to test your test-taking more than your civics knowledge, though, which I find sketchy. That said, I got some of those questions right and some wrong.

  3. 30 out of 33, or 90.9%. And I’ve got some of the same misgivings as Will did, particularly since some of the answers were clearly meant to push political buttons as well. But, I figure’s not so bad over all!

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