Repeat After Me…

…I cannot work 8 hours on coffee alone.

…Tea from a vending machine is a bad idea.

…drinking said tea is an even worse idea.

…Corndogs from a vending machine are bad for me.

…Chips are not nutrious.

…Vending machines that take my money but don’t give me my chips are bitches.

…Buying food just so I can have mustard is not a rational thought pattern.

…Any ideas I have while under these stressful conditions are not, by default Brilliant or Amazing.

…Any idea I that I have classified as Brilliant or Amazing while under this state need to be re-evaluated. Twice.

…This altered state of consciousness makes government work easy to deal with.

…the smell of mustard, after an hour, is gross.

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5 thoughts on “Repeat After Me…

  1. Ha #1 comment was the first thing I tought and well I can proudly announce you I can work 8 hours just with coffee.. the mouse moves like mad with my crazy pulse afterwards .. but I can..

  2. Natalia:

    The comment says, “On coffee alone.” I also have to say that if you are currently only subsisting on coffee, your comment proves my point.

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