Really Quickly

I can count the number of thoughtful gifts and CDs (combined) that I have received from girlfriends over the years on one hand. A lovely chess set from Scotland*, One CD, one bag of skittles in an Irish Coffee mug, (Using my money to buy) steak knives and a documentary on Fox News. That’s it. Today I received a huge package full of halloween stuff, two CDs and two bags of snacks–one for me and one share–and a book on Matisse.

Today’s package more than doubles what I have received previously.

And she say’s I’m the awesome one. Right.

I am speechless and blogless.

*This one also gave me two mix tapes, which I still have somewhere. Mix tapes and Mix CDs are similar, but since the media is different, I figure I have the wiggle room to stick with original number in the post.

edit: The Chess Set.

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20 thoughts on “Really Quickly

  1. Dearest (insert nickname here),

    It was not huge. It was the smallest box they sold at Office Max.

    And, if I’m not mistaken, I recently received a package of my FAVORITE CHOCOLATES delivered TO MY HOTEL ROOM IN COLUMBUS from yours truly.

    You ARE awesome, and so am I. 🙂

  2. Yes, its sweet. Some would argue it’s saccharine, but I don’t agree. While I don’t anyone to go into a coma, get jealous or be weirded out by what’s going on here, I don’t think I’m going to stop blogging about it either.

    We’re not all PDA in public, nor do we gush on the blogs. While I will try to tone it down, everyone should know that I am exceedingly fond of Shannon, and I am in love with her. Sometimes, that’s just going to bleed through.

    Have a glass of orange juice before reading the posts tagged “girlfriend” or “awesome”.

  3. Bleh. I say bleh. HOWEVER – I can concur that you two are not all PDA-esque in public. But still – adore each other with wit and humor, would ya?

  4. Nothin’ says love like a bag of chocolate.
    Not that I would know…for our 5th wedding anniversary Mark received nothing form me (not so much as a card!) and I got a bottle of wine.
    We’re big on the romance over here.

  5. Well, it is pretty awesome. It’s not “I’ll be in my bunk” awesome, but it is pretty damn neat awesome. Makes me look bad. All I do for ladies is hook up their cable and fix shit around the house.

    Or break shit around the house. Whatevs.

  6. I just LOVE when people break shit around my house. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy….The Marty, why am I VON (all caps?) It’s a little, I don’t know what…are you giving me a nickname on top of an exsisting nickname?

  7. In high school, our pal Tony would break something everytime he came over. The last thing he broke was a tree branch. Tony is warm and fuzzy, so I guess he applies.

    And Yes VON, I am editing your nickname. It is now in all caps. Please adjust your signature accordingly.

  8. Awhhhhhhhhhh. It’s nice to hear that. No.. really goes both ways and it’s so refreashing to hear your not the only one giving. That’s what its all about. Jackie so happy fo you.Don’t f@#$ck it up!!!

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