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Seriously, I highly recommend that everyone has homemade apple pie for breakfast. If you are lucky enough to have homemade apple pie, share with your coworkers. They will be grateful, and jealous, at the same time. The resulting dissonance in the office can result in a food competition, wherein other office mates bring in fantastic food that you don’t have to pay for

However, if you don’t get along with everyone in your office, don’t share your pie. Those fuckers don’t deserve any.

If you stick with this post, and read after the jump, you will get a special photo treat. It is my favorite picture from Vegas.

I should be writing another evaluation today, but my brain is jumbled with a number of things (mostly good). Due to my jumbled neurons, I will be bringing this one home with me, as it is due next week. This will allow me to goof off more frequently, and when the inevitable guilt comes, I can get to work.

I’m pretty sure my readers (and any one smarter than the average bear) have figured out why my brain is so jumpled.. I will spell it out for the dimmer folk: My life is fan-fucking-tanstic. Take for instance my weekend: I had some pretty wicked company. We had brunch, went to one of Chicago’s premier attractions then to O’Hare so my consiglari could fly home.

Dinner was with my cousin, her boyfriend and my Uncle at Sushi Samba Rio–where good times were had. In fact, times were so good that word got out to my aunts.

Even Biznacho’s frequent defecation on the floor couldn’t dampen my spirits.

I want to say that I am not used to being so positive, but that’s not true. I am used to it. I am also used to it just going away. I don’t want that, so I’ve decided it isn’t going to happen.

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As promised, here’s the picture.


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3 thoughts on “Pie For Breakfast

  1. Shannon, it’s probably the same word that AG heard got out when she first started dating UC.

    Except for UC, it’s always about the lawyer and his wife. Never the one (and only) aunt.

    Such a complex dude that UC!

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