On The Horizon

So last week i tweeted about “two incoming blog posts.” Both are still in progress. One is for this blog–on my parent’s reaction to the dogs–and the other is for WTTRP. Actually, WTRRP has TWO posts in the works….but I digress.

Every time I start to write out a post, I get distracted by something; Work, a tweet, a phone call, a grumble in my belly. The fact is I do not have the discipline required to be a good blogger or a writer. At least, I dont have it now. Especially when my attention is needed elsewhere….

But this isn’t a meta post. Oh no. I have an actual thing to discuss:
Every time I think about a blog post that would involve my father, my attention is always drawn to something else that reminds me of him. My aunts would say that “God” or “The Universe” is trying to tell me something. I think its just a happy coincidence.

For instance, as I was thinking about the dogs post, and how my dad would react to them, his favorite Grateful Dead song came on the radio. It brightened my day a bit, even if I don’t care for the Grateful Dead, but it doesn’t mean he was sending me a message.

Still… I look forward to writing what my dad would say about the puppies.

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