On Sex Ed

I do not think it can be too early to talk to kids about respect, sexuality and anatomy. There will be huge differences based on age, but kids should be taught as soon as possible about their bodies. Kids are curious and they will find their answers one way or the other. I believe in parents educating their kids as soon as possible, despite having a father who reluctantly spoke to me about sex when I was 14.

So when a guest Blogger at Shakesville posted an article about Sex Education and male privilege, I read her review and the original NY Times article. To be honest, I did not initially walk with the same reading as the post’s author. That moment passed when I read the comments and reread the article.

Talking to kids about sex and sexuality is only as awkward as one makes it. Sex educators develop rapport with their students/clients to eliminate the awkwardness.

Talking to children about the eliminating violence in relationships is not hard, it is just our job.

3 thoughts on “On Sex Ed

  1. I agree. My mom had that conversation with me really early. I can’t say it was comfortable for either of us, but she did anyway. She said she hadn’t gotten any such info from her parents; one of her cousins was advised to always keep a pair of pjs under his pillow, in case there was a fire in the middle of the night.

    Maybe if we start educating kids early, and have an open dialogue with them, where they’re comfortable asking questions, we can get them correct information, and not just what they get from other kids at school, or from TV or books.

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