Offline and a Few Minutes to Spare

I have a few minutes before my clients are supposed to be here for their group. This is as close as I am going to come to a coffee break today. This does not mean I haven’t had any coffee; on the contrary, I believe I’ve had over 24 oz of my preferred vice. In this case, it’s been 1) pour coffee 2) return to cube 3) start project (evaluation) 4) get called away for a new task.

Thus far, those tasks have been:

Project Renew Form (while techincally only for closed cases, I filled out the ones for the open files too)
Tech-help (fixing broken computers and MS Word formatting errors)
Speaking EVENT!


I did get lunch, but that is a different post. I also used my flex-time for lunch, ’cause there ain’t no way in hell I’m going to be able to get to work late tomorrow. I am far, far too busy.

Normally, I don’t have the time to figure out why I feel so busy. Thanks to my commute to my group sites, however, I get a chance to think about why everything feels so hectic. While I do have a lot of work and personal projects to finish, it is my lack of organization that has me feeling overwhelmed.

There will be more later–my kids are here and now I get to teach them how not to touch people inappropriately.

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