Nicknames Through the Years

Nick Name
Baby Mart-Mart: 0-2 Years: My Dad
Mart-Mart 2-27: My Dad
Schnoz 10-16: Jr. High/High School Friends
Muppethead: 18-24: College Friends
Cachi: 17-22: College “Friends”
cauldron of rage (19-21: College folks who were afraid of me?)
Grumpy Bear 19-21: College Friends
Cock-Eyed Mick: 20+ Will
Mart: +20+ Will

Mister Gleason (24+, Seth)

Boy Wonder: 24-25: ABTC Friends
OG: 30/31: AG
Historian: 31: my Supervisor
The Marty: 31: Von

Mr. Problem-Solver:  31 (10/18/07, 12:26 pm):  Shannon

edit: La Von (my attempt at being slick) to Von, Seth’s nicknames for me.
edit: Sara’s reminder of my humility.

edits:  OG, Shannon’s recent renaming

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