3 thoughts on “Moving

  1. my neighborhood likes:

    -has lots of people walking or walking dogs (safe)
    -no homeowner’s association

    my neighborhood dislikes:
    -no pirates
    – needs more sidewalks
    (we live within walking distance of the library and a chain pharmacy – but with no convenient sidewalks to get to either).

    Congrats on the move and good luck!

  2. What I dislike about my neighborhood…is pretty much that it *exists*. I’m precisely between the expensive artsy-academic area of town (full of self-righteous people on bicycles, but you can’t have everything…) and the cheap regular-academic area (full of slightly scary people, but it’s an excuse to get a dog). I would be quite content in either one of these, but where I *am* is split between Stepford and transients, none of whom I can get to know because they’re all heading back to their countries of origin in weeks-to-months. (Though the linguistically baffled accidental playdate with me, Nublet, a lady from Azerbaijan and her two-year-old was great fun.)

    There’s good kid stuff if you’re willing to drive to it, and the mimosas (plants, not drinks) are some of the prettiest I’ve ever seen. Other than that…wanna MOVE!

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