More Regular Blogging

I was promised help for a site redesign if I blog more regularly, so this is my first attempt at regular blogging. Actually, I know that’s not true. I’ve often written that I am going to blog regularly, I just have a tendency to back track on that statement and do something else.

As I see it, the process of regular blogging involves more than just generating content. The content must be polished, shined and framed in a way to provoke discussion. Personally, I don’t find my life exciting enough to chronicle like Shannon does. Oddly, even though she is moving in with me, I still think her life is blog-worthy.

The only content I can generate right now would be a discussion of how burned out I am at work and how I don’t want to really change jobs. That isn’t really interesting. That’s whining..

I will probably take a few more days off of regular blogging while I figure out what I should blog about.

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