This weekend I was in the once lovely state of Indiana, visiting friends of Shannons–whose company I truly enjoy–and I realized how much I do not know about the state. I mean, I know that it was a hot bed of Klan activity for most of the 20th century. I also know that Michael Jackson is from there. It’s the cross roads of America, or so the license plates say, and it is where the Tricycle of Awesome has to pay attention to the speed limit (as that’s where I received my last ticket).

What else is there to know about Indiana? A better question: Why should I care?

One thought on “Indiana?

  1. Honestly? I’ve lived here more-or-less since I was twelve years old, and the place is not engaging. GenCon happens in Indianapolis every August, which is pretty cool and I appreciate that I can afford to go every year due to proximity. Bloomington is an absolutely amazing college town with some of the best pizza in the entire world. And there’s a certain endearing quality to watching fireflies over the cornfields in the summer.

    Just about every other place I’ve lived has felt more interesting, though. I lived in New England for a year and still miss it like crazy, so maybe I’m just not a hoosier kind of person. 😛

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