On a regular basis, I wonder what else I could do with my “professional skill set.” If I wasn’t working for the Man, treating and supervising sexually aggressive children and youth, what the hell would I be doing? Sales? Marketing? Academia?

I have a distinct feeling I’d be either a middle manager or homeless. Neither appeals to me.

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  1. Twenty Questions to Find Your Core
    by Melanie Joy Douglas,

    James C. Gonyea, a career expert, who pioneered online career guidance, uses these twenty questions to help clients find their core. Ask yourself these questions, he says, and record your answers.

    1. What subjects do you most enjoy reading about?

    2. What television or radio programs do you most enjoy?

    3. What are your favourite types of movies?

    4. What are your favourite hobbies or pastimes?

    5. What type of volunteer activities do you prefer?

    6. What subjects do you enjoy discussing with friends?

    7. What subjects come to mind when you daydream?

    8. What have been your favourite jobs?

    9. What were your favourite school subjects?

    10. What are your pet peeves?

    11. If you doodle, what do you often draw?

    12. If you ran the world, what changes would you make?

    13. If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it?

    14. What are your favourite kinds of people?

    15. How would you like to be remembered after your death?

    16. What are your favourite toys?

    17. How would you describe your political beliefs?

    18. Who do you most admire in life and why?

    19. What tasks have brought you the most success?

    20. What tasks do you think you could do well that you haven’t yet done?

    Examine your answers. Is there a certain behaviour or belief that appears in more than one aspect of your life? What information do you see repeated that seems to reveal a behaviour pattern?

    Using this information, Gonyea advises to paint a self-portrait by completing the following statements:

    I am mainly interested in.

    I believe most in.

    I most value.

    For a good life, I feel I need.

    I can do the following well.

    Now ask yourself if your current job helps you achieve these five statements. If it does, you’re probably in the right career. If not, then clearly, your current career is not satisfying your core features. Perhaps it’s time to find a better fit.

    Dear Marty:

    I will be happy to review your answers, if you decide to answer these quetsions.

    Your loving aunt,

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