I will blog until the zombies get me

While blogging may be a chore, I’m not going to stop. I still do (most) of my chores on a (semi) regular basis. I will be trying to make it more fun. More importantly, I will be trying figure out how to maximize my time so I can do it right.

By doing it right, I mean spending more time on Ask a Bastard and creating posts that are not vapid. I need to figure out this balance, because Shannon has given me permission to address the mysterious chicago blogger that gets our blood boiling.

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3 thoughts on “I will blog until the zombies get me

  1. Y’know, I write up this whole don’t-stop-blogging-we-less-than-three-you comment, only to find that I should have just invoked the zombies.

    I see how it is.

    (Yes, I’m just being a brat.)

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