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  1. Today is Monday, and I want to ask my question, and I don’t know where to do that, so I will do it here;
    How come I can NEVER sleep well on Sunday nights? I love my job, and I don’t dread going to work on Mondays. I don’t ever really nap on Sundays, so why can’t I fall/stay asleep on Sundays??

  2. The photo was taken by Shannon who, in addition to making me look good, takes good pictures.

    That’s just the way I look. Yes, i look funny.

  3. AG is making doubles of that photo. One for the night stand and one for…

    AG’s question:

    Why do I have to put up with a guy who offers nothing to my boyfriend, who my boyfriend thinks is his friend and a good person (He’s not!)? Shouldn’t I be allowed to not be bothered by their BS or get a veto point on five friends over the course of his life?

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