I have an angry write up about work, a piece on poverty and some random ramblings all clamoring for my attention–in addition to my monthly case notes, treatment reports and intakes. However, right now, I am taking a moment to just appreciate a fantastic few weeks.

I am also desperately trying to remember how many Hideout Block Party tickets I bought. I think I bought one….’cause if I bought three, i have to find two people to more people to go with–and I don’t know anyone who can afford a trip from Seattle to Chicago on such short notice.

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  1. Congrats on all your new findings!!! gf gf gf gf. I suggest life would be better if you had more pictures of your nephew on your blog. He told me it’s the only way to start getting his face out there for stand up.Thank You also again for being such a great uncle. There is no baptism but will you be his godfather? Only in the mob sense though.

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