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So Jen of Saying Yeshad this to say:

Are we bringing our pearls to the table or are we spreading out the twisted, contorted parts that we feel we can’t show polite society? Do our true selves show up or our alter egos for better or worse? Maybe while heading out on our journey of expression and discovery, we discover that what is oh so sweet is not out here, but is right in our backyard.

While she was discussing how blogging has become a chore lately. I couldn’t agree more. I started blogging as a distraction/grief exercise (even if I didn’t admit to it at the time). It has morphed and changed into half a dozen different things, including Ask a Bastard and Sunday Morning Crazy–two things that are squarely in the “Chore” category.

I’d like to think that I could use blogging to help me with grad school apps–to use that journey of self discovery to help me write a killer statement–but in truth I’ve used it to avoid things. Now avoiding things has become a blog-based-chore.

Granted, Jen’s posted an update today that I haven’t read. I’m still stuck on “blogging as chore” idea.

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7 thoughts on “Here Here!

  1. You are so not complaining or quiting the blogs, mister. Never. Ever.

    Oh noes.

    AG remembers a ride one night in the back seat of an officer’s and a gentleman’s car. There was discussion about this vixen who he had taken an interest in and Chuckles and AG agreed it was not too late to call her. The officer and the other party in the back seat disagreed. Hmmm…. maybe some of us knew what we were talking about!

    Let’s just say — blogging changed your life. For the much, much, better. I see it because you grieve in a way that makes me smile now. In a positive and productive manner. You also haven’t been this happy since before the Canuck. And for that — we heart Shannon.

    Baby, you all of people, have the blogs to thank.

    And I love the blogs for bringing me to your world along with that lovely GF of yours and my hottie, Vonage.

  2. I have to agree (well, as Always) with my most precious AG. You would have never met Shannon. Hence, you would have never met me. Therefore, I would have never started commenting on this and other blogs, and never “met” all of these wonderful people – ‘specially AG. Wait, ok, so I can admit that your blogging leads to my happiness. So, you like want me to pay you to write blogs or something? Oh, and someday I am so ripping of f your idea and gettin’ me a date from some contest I make up on my blog. Love ya TheMarty – please keep blogging.

  3. The trick to blogging, IME, is that you can learn to make it fun. It’s one of the key lessons you learn by choosing to blog—things are not inherently fun. If you want to enjoy them, make them something you enjoy. If you’re not having a good time, do it differently.

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  5. On a purely selfish note, I enjoy your blog and don’t want to see you put it aside.

    On an inspired note, I started my bookstore blog because I thought I might like to give this blogging thing a try, and you said “go for it!” I enjoyed it so much (and found myself wanting to write about non-bookstore things, too), so I started another.

    At any given time, you have your fingers in half a dozen pies (mmm, pie). This isn’t a bad thing, but a lot of those tasty, tasty pies are made up of obligations you set for yourself. So, when you miss an Ask a Bastard or SMC, I’m guessing you’re harder on yourself than you need to be.

    There are bloggers and webcomic writers who get tons of shit from their fans if they miss a post/comic (see: Fred Gallagher at Megatokyo). As your consigliari, if anyone’s sending you hate mail for missing an SMC or an Ask a Bastard, let me know. I’ll smite ’em.

    I was going to go into a bit of “So what can you tweak about the blog that can help you enjoy it more and not think of it as a chore?” but Will said it much more succinctly.

    Write what you want, when you want to. We’ll be here.

  6. Thanks for the linky love!

    You know what’s funny, every time I feel like it’s a chore and admit it, the fog lifts and I’m off in a different direction.

    This too shall pass. 🙂

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