For the record, I am not a fan of halloween. I don’t care for costumes, I haven’t gone trick or treating since I hung out with my pal Bill (I think we were 16 and we drove to our friends houses). I do not remember getting dressed up for Halloween at Beloit at all. Someone may need to remind me–or share an old picture with me–but any time I dressed up at Beloit, it was for Deb Ball.

The kicker about Halloween is this: Most of the Halloween parties I’ve ever gone to have sucked.

Seriously. If I have to teach you about an Irish Car Bombs AND Crystal meth, you’re an idiot. If you are an idiot, you ruined my attempts at having fun.

Last year, dressed as a cheerleader*, was the first year I had a decent time party hopping. That may be due to my brother’s dancing in an astronaut outfit, but I digress. Last night, during the first of three (maybe four) parties I was a hot dog. Shannon, who worked her ass off at Sids, was a cat (that got beat up by Kirsten, who was a tough little mouse. A pity she got eaten by Shannon in the end). Again, I had a good time (even if I did leave early because I need six hours of sleep a night, and I work today), but someone confused me for walking carpet.

Carpet? Dude, there’s MUSTARD on my costume. The hot dog is clearly visible. My quiet sarcasm, “Yeah, that’s right, carpet. I’m walking carpet.” went unnoticed. At least dude’s friend said, “you’re an awesome chili dog.” While I appreciate the awesome, I need to point out that the hot dog is mustard only. I’ve got no idea where this guy saw Chili. I think he’s got problems.

Anyway, Tonight, I am a hamburger. Given that I have no responsibilities beyond the Decemberists Concert tomorrow, I should be able to enjoy myself. Fortunately, the last party (or so) will be up the street from my place, so I can take the bus in case I get over-served.

Tomorrow, I will have pictures from the event up.

If you have pictures from your own halloween celebration, link them here. I may even reward spiffy costumes with cookies.

*Oddly, a google search for “ugly cheerleader” is one of the most popular search terms for this blog. Second only to “naked unicorn.” Some of you people are sick and need help. The Picture of this tragic costume is forthcoming–flickr is being a brat.

7 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. The one year I’m not going to have aan awesome costume you decide to give prizes? Where were you the year I built my dragon costume??!! That thing had a 3 foot tail and a 4 foot wingspan! (and STILL several peeps mistook me for Barney!). 😛

  2. I don’t like Halloween either. We went to a party last night and we were the only two not to dress up, which was just fine with us.

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