Graffiti that got me frisked

On my way home from watching MYSTERY TV SHOW I noticed this interesting art under an over pass. I snagged a quick picture, not thinking too much about the time of night or my location (Midnight, Roscoe Villiage). I did, however, notice the M-Plated Cop car in the alley down the street. I guess sticking around a graffiti covered underpass for two minutes makes one a suspicious character…

…I took the picture, and he rolled up on me. Mr. Officer asked what I was doing, apologized for the inconvience and grabbed my bag. I showed him my star. We then discussed juvenile law.

7 thoughts on “Graffiti that got me frisked

  1. But AG this is the new America. To question authority is to hate her. I don’t hate her….do I?

    Seriously, I think the only thing that kept me from yelling, “what the fuck” was the gun on his hip. He was polite, courteous and armed with a big honking gun.

  2. I agree; however, I have to to pick my battles. I want to participate in the revolution, not just be let out of jail by it.

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