Getting Old

I am going to be in bed before 11pm two nights in a row. Due to my complete lack of time management, I have to wake up extra early to clean up a bit AND still get to work early tomorrow. Way to go me.

Before I conk out, I wanted to share with the internet a quick story. I was being grilled by my aunt (who was grilling me on behalf of all of my aunts) about a dinner guest, when my grandmother asked the the following question:

“Is she Catholic?”

This is the first time in 17 years she has ever asked that question, and I’m a bit stunned. I’m sure I’ll get an explanation in a week. I might even share said explanation.

11 thoughts on “Getting Old

  1. I told my aunt, “she went to a catholic high school, but she’s about as catholic as I am.” To which my aunt translated, “She’s lapsed.”

    I’m pretty sure that’s the right answer.

  2. To clarify for you all…

    I didn’t simply go to a catholic high school. I went to Catholic school from kindergarten through 12th grade. If I was forced to define what I am now, it’d either be agnostic or Catholic on an extended break. I reserve the right to end my break when I’m old and worried about getting into heaven.

  3. I hereby move to grant Catholicism the same status of “supra-religious people group” along the lines of “Judaism” (or Peoplehood as Nick says).

  4. I think Lapsed Catholic is not only a fantastic descriptive phrase, but an excellent band name…. I might have to steal it.

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