Full Circle


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This post has been fermenting in my head for a while now, but today it came together. From blog posts to relationships, all things have their time.

A year ago, Nikkos and I put together a “Win a Date with Marty” post over at Metroblogging Chicago. It was mostly a joke, but I had an extra Decemberists ticket, and I didn’t want it to go to waste. Hell, a friend of mine even posted on the thread to make me feel a bit better ’cause no one posted…and she really wanted to see the Decemberists.

This same friend also said a few nice words when the date was canceled. My sister in law said a few less-than-nice words, but that’s neither here nor there.

Seven months of sporadic contact later, I develop a crush. By mid-August, that crush is replaced with strong feelings that scare the hell out of me. By October, I’ve announced to the blogosphere that I’m in love with her.

By October, she buys me tickets to make up for a missed date. A date that neither of us would have cared for probably. That would have been a terrible mistake.

edit: I have to point out that she’s thinking the same things. This wasn’t planned, none of it has been, even if sometimes it feels that way.

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